About Us

"One of Us" (from Latvian "Viens no mums") stands as a distinguished family-owned enterprise specializing in the production of baby and children's goods. The foundational philosophy of our company, as well as our product line, draws inspiration from the esteemed and time-tested principles of Montessori education.
We firmly believe that children are akin to adults, deserving of a dignified approach and the opportunity to foster independence in their self-directed actions.

As parents, it is our responsibility to cultivate an environment of love, respect, and belief in our children's abilities. We strive to provide a conducive setting where each child can actualize their full potential. Our products are crafted with the explicit goal of establishing a supportive atmosphere, nurturing enthusiastic children, and enhancing each child's individuality, fostering high self-esteem, and promoting well-developed problem-solving skills.

Our values:

  • Respectful attitude
  • Promotion of independence
  • Facilitation of autonomy
  • Cultivation of self-confidence and belief in one's abilities
  • Promotion of individuality
  • Freedom of action and movement
  • Explaining attitude
  • Real things in real life
  • Child-oriented approach
  • Enthusiasm
  • Creativity
  • Self-motivation
  • Accessible environment that inherently fosters a child's development and learning
  • Good social and problem-solving skills
  • Emotional intelligence

"How did 'Viens no mums' begin?"

The founders of 'Viens no mums' are the Lepu family. In 2019, when the Lepu family's first son, Viesturs, was born, his mother, Zane, became increasingly interested in Montessori pedagogy. One of the key insights she gained through this pedagogy was that a child truly is “one of us”. To embody this approach in her relationship with her son, Zane realized the need to adapt her home environment. She asked her father, Rihards (the children's grandfather), to design furniture that would meet the need – the first lunch table, a climbing triangle, a bookshelf, and a changing bench.

When the second son, Bruno, arrived, additional products were created – a toponcino, a cestina, a floor mirror, and a floor bed. Zane and her family created an Instagram account @viens.no.mums, where they shared Montessori-inspired daily life with their sons and the furniture created by her father. Initially, friends started to show interest in their furniture, followed by hundreds of other Latvian families.

The mission of the Lepu family was to foster a 'one of us' attitude in families with young children and they succeeded wholeheartedly and continue to do so.

In 2021, the company “Viens no mums” Ltd was registered, and since then, our lovingly created products have served in many families.

In 2023, the ownership of the company is handed over to family of Meteri. The desire to provide the best for their son led them to seek information and explore various aspects that could contribute to a respectful attitued towards their son. Through the exploration, it became clear that Montessori pedagogy has proven itself and helps to facilitate the values they want to see in their family. Initially, Meteru family became acquainted with 'Viens no mums' as 'customers,' and the first product they purchased for their son was the toponcino. Currently, with joy and pride, Meteru family continues this journey, spreading “one of us” attitude in other families as well.